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What should my child bring with them?

Your child does not need to bring anything with them to Preschool. We have everything that they will need. For children that are in nappies, we ask you to supply us with nappies, wipes and nappy snacks at the start of each half term. We will let you know when  your child's supplies are running low. 


We are taking our child on holiday do we need to let you know?

Yes please!  Term time holidays are allowed at Preschool and you will not be fined as Preschool is non compulsory and your child is not statutory school age. It would be helpful for our planning if you could let us know in advance of any planned holiday dates.  If your child has a medical appointment and will be arriving late or missing the session please also let us know either by text or Tapestry.


My child is a bit under the weather should I still send them to preschool?

Probably not!  Unfortunately children seem to be much better at sharing germs than they are toys!  If your child has a high temperature or a temperature that is only being brought down with medication then we would recommend they stay at home.  If your child is on antibiotics we would recommend they stay at home for the first couple of days to allow time for them to start to work and to ensure your child doesn't experience any side effects from them.   Likewise if they have been sick or had diarrhoea they must not attend until 48 hours after their last episode.  We follow the Health Protection Agencies guidance for infection control which has specific guidance for exclusion periods for common illnesses such as impetigo and chicken pox.  If you are unsure please feel free to give us a call or seek the advice of the local pharmacist.





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