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EYFS at Little Treasures

At Little Treasures we aim to follow the EYFS through a mixture of adult led and child

initiated activities. We have direct access to a secure outdoor area, allowing children

to learn through activities both inside and outside.  Each child will be assigned a

key person who will be responsible for monitoring and assessing

their progress throughout their time with us.  Throughout the year there will be plenty

of opportunities to discuss your child's progress with their keyperson.  Once every half

term we hold Linger Longer Lunches wehere we invite all our families to come in

and we all share lunch together.   Over lunch the key person chats with each family and

shares the learning journal.  


Throughout their time with us we keep regular assessments and observations of your child

which are all added to their journal.   When your child is ready for 'big school', their

key person will complete a transition passport to support your child's move to 'big school'.


Although we operate a key person system at Little Treasures we consider ourselves a big

family and all the staff take an interest and pride in the learning and development of all 

our children.  Our aim at Little Treasures is that children have so much fun and are

so engaged in their activities that they don’t realise they are ‘learning’.  

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