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Frequently asked questions

My child isnt potty trained, can they still come to Little Treasures?

Absolutely! We strongly believe all children will do everything when they are ready - they all learnt to crawl and walk at different ages so it's the same with potty training.  Just tell us when the time is right and we will support the strategy you are using at home.


I'm worried my child won't settle, should I still send them?

Preschool education is non-compulsory, but is a great stepping stone towards 'big school' and many children benefit hugely from it. Have a think about your lifestyle, the age of your child and if you think both you and your child are ready for the separation.  When you are both sure, we will work together to ensure they settle and have a great time (some children take longer than others to settle but they all get there in the end!).


My child is a very fussy eater and I'm worried they won't eat snack, what should I do?

Often we find that children who are very fussy eaters at home eat very well when they are eating with their friends at snack time.  Having good role models and seeing other children enjoying healthy foods often helps them to want to try new foods.  We keep a communication book where we write notes for you to read about how much snack your child has eaten and vice versa.


We are a non-religious family, can we still send our child to Little Treasures?

Yes at Little Treasures we welcome children from all faiths or with no religious background.  We ask however that you understand that we are part of Loughton Baptist Church and so we incorporate aspects of Christian living into our routine at Little Treasures, for example saying a prayer at circle time and home time, visiting the Church, reading Bible stories etc.


We are from a different faith background, can we still send our child to Little Treasures?

Yes, we welcome children from all faiths at Little Treasures and we look forward to you sharing with us how you celebrate your faith.


Little Treasures is part of Loughton Baptist Church, what does that mean?

The Christian values underpin everything we do for example we believe God has called us to love and care for your child.  In our own lives we pray throughout the day which is something we do with the children at the beginning of circle time.  We will share Christian songs and Bible stories with the children (along with lots of secular songs and stories too such as the Gruffalo and twinkle twinkle).  We will also have the opportunity to visit the Church.  We will celebrate and enjoy the Christian festivals of Easter and Christmas whilst recognising the festivals of other faiths particularly those of the children attending Little Treasures.



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