Little Treasures is a Charitable, Incorporated Organisation registered with the Charities Commission. Our charity number is: 1154477

Ofsted Registration Number: EY470080

Our staff

Here at Little Treasures we aim to offer the highest quality care and

attention to your child.  We always operate above the ratios suggested by the Statutory framework to ensure we offer the highest possible level of care.  We treat each child as an individual and work hard to ensure we support their own unique learning and development.


Little Treasures is managed by Sarah Murphy and Zoe Hammond and they are well supported by seven additional members of staff.  Before your child starts at Little Treasures, we assign them a key person who will be responsible for ensuring your child settles and supports their learning throughout their time at Little Treasures.  We also offer a home visit where the key person will come and visit your child in their home environment.  The aim of the home visit is to get to know your child in the place where they feel most confident and secure.  This is an ideal opportunity to share key information about your child such as their toileting needs, what their personality is like etc.