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Why choose Little Treasures?

Have you ever spent time on a beach with a child collecting shells or ‘treasures’? Did you stop to notice how each of them is unique, in shape, size, colour and texture? At Little Treasures we believe that God has made us all unique – special in our own way. As adults some of us are extroverted and love to talk, others are quieter and like our own company. Some of us like maths and work with figures all day, others enjoy science and exploring the universe, others can’t sit still and work in the outdoors – we are all different and we all lead different lifestyles, so why shouldn’t children be the same? 


Here at Little Treasures we aim to treat each child as an individual and cater to their own specific needs. We celebrate our diversity and uniqueness and ensure each child achieves their potential.  We work hard to ensure all our children feel loved, safe and happy in what for many may be their first time away from their parents.  We work closely with parents to ensure we are in regular communication about each child's development. Although we consider ourselves the experts in education, we recognise it is you the parent, that's an expert in your own child.


Our Christian values and beliefs underpin everything that we do, however our primary aim is to love, care for and educate your child.  Being a Christian is not an application requirement. We warmly welcome children from families of all faiths or with no religious background.  

We look forward to meeting you and working with you to make your child’s next chapter a happy one.


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